Media Production Process

Students observe a glass fisheye lens art installation at KU’s Spencer Art Museum.

Steps for Producing with CODL

Step 1: Connect

Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a consultation.

Step 2: Develop

Write a script for the content, practice your delivery, and schedule time to record in the studio. If recording at home, in the office, or another remote location, set the stage and consult on best practices for production and integration into video platforms used at KU.

Step 3: Record

And...action! Narrate visuals or content using your script.

Step 4: Incorporate

Increase student engagement by utilizing video for guest lectures and demonstrations. We can capture guest lectures or experiments on location or in our studio. We can also assist with remote production.

Step 5: Edit

All recordings by CODL are edited and captioned for accessibility.

Step 6: Review

Go over the final product and upload videos to a secure location.