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  • Our instructional designers offer options to assess student learning.

  • When a proctored exam is best, we can help with that too.

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On-Campus Proctoring for KU Online Courses

We are happy to provide in-person proctoring services for online KU courses. All efforts are taken to ensure a reduced distraction environment with adequate spacing and supplies available.

Before a student receives an exam, they must provide photo identification. Students are required to store any devices and electronics unless we are provided with a directive from the instructor allowing their use. 

Students are continuously supervised with any breaks or other inconsistencies in proper testing conditions noted for the instructor's review. All exam materials used are collected and given to the instructor for grading.

Using Other Testing Centers for KU Online Courses

When distance-learning students in KU online courses need to take a proctored exam off-campus, we are able to help find an approved proctoring location, usually at a local community college or another testing center. We make arrangements with approved proctors for safe delivery and return of the exam along with any other required materials. 

Proctoring for Non-KU Courses and Tests

As of January 2024, KU does not have an official testing center that administers national tests for undergraduate, graduate, and professional school admissions. (GRE, CLEP, ...) Students in need of those services are encouraged to contact the organization in charge of the exam to find testing center locations. For example, CollegeBoard.org has information regarding SAT and CLEP exams. The National College Testing Association website is also a useful reference for finding proctor locations.

If you are a student taking an online course from a college or university that is not KU, and you need someone to proctor your exam, you may email us at exam@ku.edu or call 785-864-1000 to check our availability. Depending on existing proctoring schedules for KU exams, we may be able to assist.

Online Proctoring Service - ProctorU

CODL partners with a third-party company, ProctorU, to offer live, online proctoring services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any instructor who would like to offer supervised, online exams through the learning management system may use ProctorU. 

ProctorU is a fee-based service for which students pay online at the ProctorU website. Students must have their own webcam and microphone to communicate with the online proctors during the exam.

Instructors who require supervised exams may opt to give their students the choice to take exams online with ProctorU or in-person with CODL. We are happy to coordinate both types of exams for an individual course.

Please email exam@ku.edu or call 785-864-1000 to discuss your options and get more information about ProctorU services and fees.