Media Production

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth?" -Scott MacFarland

Video provides a powerful way for instructors to personalize an online course so that students feel welcome, comfortable asking questions, and engaged with their peers in the learning process.

The use of audio and visual components offers flexibility for various learning styles as well.

Learn more about the CODL Media Production Process.

Studio Expertise

  • CODL will inspire, help create, and provide technical expertise during media production.

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Best Practices for Video & Audio Production

Introduce the course, establish relationships and community with students, set expectations for course engagement, and discuss navigation instructions.

Help students focus and comprehend especially detailed and complex course content by including audio along with text and images.

Allow students to play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, skip-forward, and skip-backward to control their learning through recorded lectures.

Shorter lecture segments allow students to focus and reduce the temptation to distract and multi-task.

Speaking in a relaxed style when recording lectures can enhance a social presence and is more favorable to students.

Reinforce core ideas and key points, promote critical thinking, and increase memory recall using methods such as quizzes, reflection prompts, and assignments that require students to actively engage with the content. This can replace the need to track whether students have viewed lectures for participation or attendance.

Media Production Studio

Be creative with backgrounds, use a script, and look great on camera using our green screen, teleprompter, and light kit.
Video talent performs in front of green screen

Smart Podium

Record your voice, annotate documents, and solve equations for demonstrations.
Smart Podium demonstration suing stylus on touch screen for notation over powerpoint.

Sound Booths

Capture voice-overs, onscreen tutorials, Powerpoints, and other recorded presentations. Our large booths offer enough space for a group.
Apple computer with speakers on either side and editing software on screen. A recording microphone on the right and a mixing board on the left.


Work out problems onscreen just as you would in the classroom.
Professor writes chemistry equation on lightboard with pink and green markers.

Remote Studio

We bring the studio to you so you can bring experience into the online environment.
Portable green screen, lights, and camera with a microphone focused on a woman being interviewed

Edwards Campus Studio

Contact us to make arrangements for recording at Regnier Hall.
BEST Building with windowed walls lit up in the evening light behind a grassy foreground.